A JavaScript Starter-Kit

Ollie-UI is a JavaScript starter-kit for web peoples
to rapidly prototype and wire-frame
Single Page Applications.

It's great for data -> based (API driven) front-end user experiences.

Dev Docs

Dive into the documentation and learn how Ollie-UI works under the hood. Documentation is broken up into major sections and drills-down into code examples for each.

Blog Stuff

Ollie-UI gets regular updates and also has a pretty ambitious road-map for 2020-21. Keep up with the latest changes, updates and most voted upon features.

Starting Themes

We've dogfooded some starter packages for you to help learn how best to use Ollie-UI and show some working examples. Hit the ground running with these and use them as a base for any single-page application!

Why use Ollie-UI?

Why use Ollie-UI?

Ollie-UI is a culmination of ~50 front-end developer decisions typically made when starting a new project, so to never repeat myself going forward (DRY) I've bundled these decisions together into this starter-kit and thought I'd open-source these decisions to help others, receive feedback and we can all improve together.

Working with Ollie-UI

Learn about the decisions that form Ollie-UI opinionated setup


Dive deeper into various topics related to front-end JavaScript/SPA development and see how Ollie-UI approaches and handles each decision.


Dive right in and pick a starting theme to learn how to build SPA's using Ollie-UI. Once you see it in action hopefully, "it simply makes sense".

Help Improve Ollie-UI

Ollie-UI is an open source project and is currently looking for active contributors.

Is Ollie-UI a javascript "framework"?


Ollie-UI is not a JavaScript framework.

Ollie-UI is a starter-kit that builds upon Express.js using a centralized API development approach.

It provides a very familiar work-space for most developers focused on Front-End development to rapidly consume JSON data via a mock REST API. It's great for building front-end components, layouts or templates around mock data structure(s).