NPM Default Scripts

Out of the box, here are the pre-configured scripts in Ollie,

  • prestart :: Sets the starting message from startMsg.js
  • start :: Previews the Site in default browser with linting & test watchers
  • start-mockapi :: Starts Mock API with Express
  • open:src :: Opens SRC folder assets in default browser
  • lint :: Lints all HTML,CSS,JS
  • lint:watch :: Adds watch tag to Lint script for file changes
  • localtunnel :: lets you open remote pipe
  • share :: creates URL for someone to preview site
  • test :: runs mocha/chai tests
  • test:watch :: adds watch tag to mocha/chai tests for test changes
  • generate-mock-data :: runs json-schema-faker to fake data
  • prestart-mockapi :: generates mock data for API
  • start-mockapi :: starts json-server for development
  • clean-dist :: deletes /dist
  • prebuild :: cleans dist, runs tests and lints
  • build :: runs main build using webpack production config creatiing assets for /dist
  • postbuild :: sets up production server settings for Express
  • deploy :: deploys /dist/ to

And the actual "scripts":{} section in package.json,

  "scripts": {
    "prestart": "babel-node build/startMsg.js",
    "start": "npm-run-all --parallel open:src lint:watch start-mockapi test:watch",
    "open:src": "babel-node build/srcServer.js",
    "lint": "esw webpack.config.* src build --color",
    "lint:watch": "npm run lint -- --watch",
    "localtunnel": "ngrok http 3000",
    "share": "npm-run-all --parallel open:src localtunnel",
    "test": "mocha --reporter progress build/testSetup.js \"src/**/*.test.js\"",
    "test:watch": "npm run test -- --watch",
    "generate-mock-data": "babel-node build/generateMockData",
    "prestart-mockapi": "npm run generate-mock-data",
    "start-mockapi": "json-server --watch src/api/db.json --port 3001",
    "clean-dist": "rimraf ./dist && mkdir dist",
    "prebuild": "npm-run-all clean-dist test lint",
    "build": "babel-node build/build.js",
    "postbuild": "babel-node build/distServer.js",
    "deploy": "surge ./dist"