Ollie is a rapid SPA starter kit meaning it makes little assumptions about what front-end stack you're going to use with it.

Out of the box, Ollie contains a micro CSS framework also made by Virtually(Creative) called, Allegretto.

This light-weight framework helps with making simple layouts with easy to pick-up selectors, helpers and utility classes.

  • Fast and lively (~9kb gziped). With Unpkg CDN goodness.
  • Build with Accessability in mind; A.O.D.A / W.C.A.G.
  • Great for quick wireframing/prototyping
  • Simple 12-Col grid using flexbox
  • Easy to extend with your own CSS variables
  • Comes with a handful of components & utils
  • Expects proper HTML5 semantic markup
  • Normalize CSS reset baked in
  • No Pre-Processer here, just vanilla CSS-3

But, you can easily swap it out for whatever front-end framework you wish - a few favourites at Virtually(Creative) are listed below!

Allegretto CSS

To replace it, swap the Allegretto reference in the <head> tag in /src/index.ejs.

  <!-- Load Allegretto from CDN -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="all">
AllegrettoBuild StatusLightweight CSS Framework

Other Frameworks

Ollie also plays well with (in no particular order...),

Follow their getting started instructions and replace the Allegretto reference with the framework you wish.